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Collision Repair and Auto Body Shops

N95 Respirators are in short supply due to COVID-19. For those using them in the workplace, OSHA has released new guidance on reducing the need for N95s and finding alternatives for some situations.

Collision repair and auto body shops typically fall under the NAICS 811121 and SIC 7532. Most of these businesses generate air emissions and hazardous waste from the painting process that are regulated by the state or EPA.  

In recent years, collision repair and auto body shops have had to come into compliance with a National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants known as the NESHAP HHHHHH or 6H rule. The rule applies to paint stripping and miscellaneous surface coating operations including collision repair. In fact, collision repair shops are considered under the rule unless they petition for an exemption (see sample form below) from the rule. The resources below, which include a link to a new 6H regulatory navigation tool, provide more detail on this rule as it applies to the collision repair industry. 

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  • There are several industry trade associations listed under Industry Sector section of this website. These associations serve industry in various ways. One such association, Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association seeks to develop electronic communication standards that will help the industry be more efficient. 





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