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Environmental Compliance

Featured Rules and Tools

Featured Rules and Tools

EPA and several states have developed helpful training videos, forms and other tools. This website features a sampling of these different tools. Check back frequently for new featured tools. If you have a suggestion for a featured rule or tool, please send an e-mail with the information.


The resources below will link you to frequently used and new EPA rules, as well as state or federal compliance assistance tools that have been developed. Most of these rules and tools resources are air quality-focused, but some hazardous waste and water quality resources are included. To find state-specific information that is not listed here, go to state contacts. The National Compliance Assistance Centers  provide industry-specific compliance and pollution prevention resources for 17 different major industry sectors. and offers a Gateway to locating state tools and resources. 

Air quality rules and resources

Hazardous waste resources

Water and storm water resources

General environmental compliance resources