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Annual Report

Since 2015, the National SBEAP Program has facilitated a program for states to report their program's annual outputs, outcomes and other activities such as success stories. Reporting is voluntary, but good participation results in a final Annual Report that documents the diverse and impactful SBEAP/SBO activities that assist small businesses while protecting the environment. This two-page flyer is the most recent Annual Report and provides an at-a-glance status update on the types of services offered, outputs and outcomes.

It is time to submit YOUR State's 2019 Annual Report 

Each SBEAP/SBO program is asked to submit their Annual Report by answering a series of questions in an on-line format, entering their program activities, outputs and outcomes. Resources on how to complete the on-line reporting, including an instructional webinar and a sample reporting form in pdf, are given below. When you are ready to submit your Annual Report, click here to access the on-line reporting form. Annual Reports should be completed before or by March 6If you are concerned about your ability to meet this deadline or have questions about what to put into the Annual Report, please contact Belinda Breidenbach at or Nancy Larson at

Annual Report 2019 Form - note that this is only to help you prepare your report; please use the on-line form to submit your report

For tips on improving your data collection process, or if you do not currently collect data and want help getting started, check out our Metrics page, featuring helpful advice and forms that you can adapt to your program to kick-start your data collection efforts.

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