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Promotion Subcommittee

The Promotions Subcommittee meets by teleconference on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 11:00am Eastern (8:00am Pacific time).  The agenda goes out in advance of meetings with notes of previous meeting.  This subcommittee is lead by Chair Sara Johnson. The group communicates via a listserv and is looking for new members.

To join this meeting call 866-299-3188 and use the access code when prompted 202-566-2827#


National SBEAP flyer - provides a summary of the SBEAP services and impacts 

Webinar recording: Social Media 101 - Aug. 2016

News releases

Regulatory Assistance for Small Business - Jan. 2016

SBEAP Awards - May 2016

Join the National Steering Committee: Promotional Subcommittee

Your Promotional Subcommittee advocates for you.  We “strut your stuff” to attract attention to the value of your program. We provide you with resources to put in front of more senior people so they can make supportive decisions about you. We work to generate “word-of-mouth” publicity for the deep knowledge and extensive relationship-network that is the essential strength of the 507 programs.  

The Promotion Subcommittee is working on promoting the 507 Programs to the small business community thru the new National SBEAP Twitter account.  Twitter messages will include workshop information, webinar opportunities and best management practices.  We are also reaching out to the Small Business Administration (SBA) Regional Advocates to encourage partnerships and environmental assistance referrals. The Promotional Subcommittee supports the Awards Program, Annual Training and promoting the SBEAP/SBO/CAP Annual Report.

We will continue to strengthen existing relationships, seek additional opportunities to parade your success before relevant audiences, and form new collaborations.  

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