2018 Annual Training

More than 50 state specialists from around the U.S. participated in the 2018 Annual Training, April 30 - May 3, 2018. The training kicked off with a Monday evening meal that about 25 attended and ended after a full day at EPA Headquarters Thursday.  Below find the presentations and recordings linked to the agenda, as well as photography by Donovan Grimwood (TN). Many thanks to the planning committee, especially the lead, Jennifer Collins (IN).

Click here to see the final agenda and linked presentation files.

For your review, here is a summary of the 2018 Annual Training event and referenced appendix; as well as the 2018 Planning Subcommittee meeting notes.

2018 Annual Training Planning SubcommitteeThanks to Jennifer Collins of Indiana for leading this work.  

Image of panel speaker Annett with microphone.Image of conference attendees holding up EPA awards.Image of speaker giving a presentation Image of EPA employeesImage of conference attendees outside EPA building.Group photo of conference attendees. Image of Jennifer outside the EPA building. Image of Jennifer Collins giving a preesentation Image of Karen Brown award recipient holding up a award.Image of Lincoln Memorial at night.Image of Lisa giving a presentationImage of marketing panel speakers.Image of conference attendees.Image of conference attendees networking.Image of first-time conference attendees.Image of conference attendees on a group night out.

Image of Abby Waqar giving a presentation.

Image of several SBEAP awards.Image of conference gift exchange.Image of Tony being interviewed.Image of Tony Pendola.Image of conference attendees on a group night out.Image of panel speakers.