Newcomer Resources

If you are a new Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) or a Small Business Ombudsman (SBO), welcome! Although you may be the only SBEAP or SBO in your state, we want you to know you are not alone. There is a team of experienced state SBEAP and SBO staff from around the country that can help you get connected and find sample resources or answers to your questions. The National SBEAP team recommends you go through the checklist of resources below as a way of orienting yourself to the resources that are at the tip of your fingers. 

Newcomer video : Watch the short video below if you are new to the program or simply want to learn more about what the SBEAP/SBO (507 programs) do and their history under the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

Listservs: The National SBEAP hosts nine different listservs. All members are part of the "SBEAP_Main" listserv, but also have options to be part of any of the subcommittee listservs. You must be a member to post a question to a listserv. If you are not familiar with how listservs work, review the guidance on how to post a question to a listserv.

State contacts: This map helps you identify state contacts. Please make sure your state contact information is correct. If it is not, please email the edits.

Subcommittees: Check out our various subcommittees and join one of them today! Getting involved is one of the primary was you can learn about new resources to better serve your business community.

Regional representatives: Check out these smiling faces! Each state is in one of 10 different EPA Regions. State SBEAPs meet as regions to coordinate resources and programming. Each region has an SBEAP regional representative and an alternate. 

Annual Training: Our National SBEAPs meet once a year for training and networking. This group of strong environmental leaders always makes time for fun, so take a look at the past trainings and join us annually.

Link your website to We have asked each of our state SBEAPs to add our national url to their page, typically their home page. That way if a business from another state comes to your page for a resource but can't find it, then they can go to the page to search or at least find their state contact.

Follow @National_SBEAP: National SBEAP has a Twitter page and it is one way you can keep connected, but also have ready made content for your Twitter account through retweets.

Ready-made content: Between the compilations of Ask SBEAP articles, Twitter, YouTube and the various environmental compliance resources, states have option for ready-made content, allowing them to save time and money.

Answers to FAQ by other state SBEAPs: This document is updated annually and includes a list of frequently ask questions and answers that states have posted via the SBEAP_Main listserv.

Potential agency partner list for new SBEAPs: Drafted by Region 8, this document lists potential partner agencies that maybe help for a new SBEAP to connect with.

Business start-up resources: This guide book published by the SBA is an excellent resource for SBEAPs when assisting new businesses with various start-up resources.