The subcommittee hosts meeting the fourth Tuesday of odd months or on an "as needed" basis. The subcommittee's purpose is to identify common programmatic questions and concerns, then identify potential resources, and share resources with interested programs via sharing calls or virtual meetings. The subcommittee is chaired by Belinda Breidenbach of Idaho. It also works on the Annual Report and hosts occational trainings which are posted to this page and on the YouTube site. Find past trainings and meeting records below.

Archived trainings

Site Visit Forms and Checklists

This presentation includes three panelists sharing checklists or forms they have developed, including those used before and during a site visit, to assess sustainability, and a site visit evaluation.

How to Read the CFR

Whether you’re a new SBEAP or haven’t needed to crack open the CFR in a long time, this encore presentation by Renee Bashel will provide you with the framework and insights of how and what to read when determining applicability.

NSBEAP Website Tour

The Website Committee and the Education Committee lead both newcomers and experienced SBEAPs across the National SBEAP webpages. Scenic overlooks of the Small Business Program Resources, Industry Sectors, Rules and Tools, Sustainability, and more are covered.

Confidentiality policies

An overview from three state SBEAPs - Several state SBEAP programs describe their compliance policies, informal agreements or lack thereof.

Conducting a Site Visit

Similarities, Differences and Lessons Learned - During this webinar, three speakers describe their respective SBEAP state programs and procedures for conducting site visits at small businesses. Borne from the same 507 (SBEAP) Clean Air Act requirements, the programs share commonality, but as you will learn, every state SBEAP program is unique. This training was recorded Jan. 23, 2018 and is embedded below in meeting records

Newcomer Training

This training is intended for new staff working as Small Business Ombudsman (SBO) or technical assistance advisors in a state Small Businesses Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP). It provides an overview of the program history, national resources and the support network operating as the National Steering Committee for the SBO's and SBEAP's. This version of the training was recorded in 2017.

Small Business Advocacy Review (SBBAR) Panel Process Overview

This training hosted by EPA ASBO, Joan Rogers, provides an overview of EPA's SBREFA rule development and SBAR panel process. It was presented Dec. 12, 2016 and is linked here.

How SBEAPs work with their EPA Liaisons

Each EPA region assigns a portion of one position to work with the state programs as a liaison between EPA and the states. Unfortunately, several regions have not made these assignments, resulting in decreased communication between the SBEAPs and EPA. So what can your state do if you do not have a liaison or want to work more with your liaison? Tune in to learn more. This training was recorded Jan. 26, 2016.

Education Subcommittee meeting records

Consolidated, searchable meeting minutes by year

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