Annual Report

It is time to file your Annual Report! 

Calling all SBEAPs and SBOs, also known as "507 programs"! It is time to gather your 2023 technical assistance data and enter it into the online data collection tool sent to each state contact directly. Each year, the National SBEAP Program facilitates an effort for states to report their program's annual outputs, outcomes and other activities such as success stories. Many thanks to Dan Sowry and the Ohio EPA 507 team for hosting the online form.  


Data can be reported by calendar or fiscal year. If your information is readily accessible, it should take about 20-30 minutes to fill out the online form. The form allows users to leave and return to the form without losing information. Programs should enter their information by April 19, 2024. 

If you do not already have an internal record of technical assistance data submitted in the past, we offer Excel and Word forms that you may find helpful for record keeping.  

For tips on improving your data collection process, or if you do not currently collect data and want help getting started, check out our Metrics page, featuring helpful advice and forms that you can adapt to your program to kick-start your data collection efforts. 

Are you new to annual reporting or do you have questions about what type of information should go into the report? Our informational webinar from 2022 can help. 

History of Annual Report

Since 2015, the National SBEAP Program has facilitated a program for states to report their program's annual outputs, outcomes and other activities such as success stories. Reporting is voluntary, but good participation results in a final Annual Report that documents the diverse and impactful SBEAP/SBO activities that assist small businesses while protecting the environment. Once all states have entered their information, K-State summaries the information in a two-page flyer. This two-page flyer is the most recent Annual Report and provides an at-a-glance status update on the types of services offered, outputs and outcomes. Individual states can use this Publisher template Wisconsin developed to feature state-specific information.

Past reports

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