Environmental Compliance

The 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments require each state to establish a small business, stationary source, technical and environmental compliance assistance program generally known as SBEAP. Various state SBEAPs work together sharing tools and outreach materials, and leveraging state and national small businesses assistance efforts. This resource is intended to help small businesses and SBEAPs identify regulations that may apply to various industrial processes. It also includes several air-focused tools such as emission calculators, compliance checklists and calendars.  

Small businesses operating facilities including industrial processes such as painting, metal fabrication, welding, heat or chemical processes, typically generate environmental emissions that may or may not be regulated by the state or EPA. Featured below are the most common small business industry sectors with air, waste and/or water quality regulatory compliance requirements. Even some of the smallest businesses in these sectors are impacted. Compliance with these environmental regulations is the business’ responsibility, making it important for industries to seek assistance through their state SBEAP when needing help. 

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