2024 SBEAP/SBO National Awards

The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program/Small Business Ombudsman (SBEAP/SBO) National Steering Committee (NSC) Awards are the States’ premier awards program for recognizing outstanding environmental leadership among small businesses and small business assistance providers.  Nominations are currently being accepted for the Annual NSC Awards. 

These awards recognize small businesses, SBEAP/SBO programs and individuals, trade associations and other business assistance providers who have made significant contributions to protecting the environment.  The awards program is sponsored by the SBEAP/SBO NSC in partnership with U.S. EPA Asbestos and Small Business Office.

Please consider submitting a nomination in one of the following categories:

  • Small Business Environmental Assistance Program Excellence Award 
    This award category recognizes a Small Business Environmental Assistance Program for leadership with NSC, its subcommittees, and activities that support other SBEAP/SBO.
  • Small Business Environmental Stewardship Award 
    This award category recognizes the accomplishments of a small business, working with SBEAP/SBO, in compliance and efforts beyond compliance to improve the environment and sharing with other businesses.
  • Business Assistance Providers Environmental Leadership 
    This award recognizes an organization or individual partnering with SBEAP/SBO to help members and other businesses with compliance and broader sustainability efforts (i.e., sustainability, LEAN/process efficiencies, alternative materials, pollution reductions, energy/water efficiency, LEED/green building, etc.).
  • Karen V. Brown Leadership Award 
    This award honors an individual's long-term achievements in support of NSC, its subcommittees, and with partners in collaborative efforts to improve assistance resources for small businesses.

Each award category has a different nomination form. 


  • Nominations open: October 31, 2023
  • Nominations close: January 16, 2024
  • Awards announced: During the National SBEAP/SBO Training


Nominations will be accepted from individuals, organizations, institutions or businesses.  Award recipients from the last two years are ineligible for awards and cannot be nominated for their category this year.  The exception is the Karen V Brown award, which is only awarded once to any individual.  Please review the list of past awards before submitting a nomination.

You may nominate yourself as well as any individual, institution, or organization that you believe is worthy of recognition.  In addition, all applicants must:

  1. Be located in the United States and territories;
  2. Be active within the past year, and;
  3. Agree to have their environmental performance shared with others through a written description to appear in the awards program, press materials and on the National SBEAP website.

Completed nomination forms can be submitted by email to: Donovan.Grimwood@tn.gov