Boilers and Process Heaters 

Several businesses and industries use industrial, commercial and institutional boilers and/or process heaters. Examples of this type of equipment range from building or hospital boilers, to process heaters or ovens used to -cure coatings onto metal parts.  Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions are generated by natural gas-fired equipment and are regulated as a criteria pollutant. However, boilers located at area source facilities that burn coal, oil or biomass are subject to the boiler area source rule, known as NESHAP JJJJJJ or the 6J rule. Major source boilers are subject to the NESHAP 5D.  

Facilities that use industrial, commercial and institutional boilers and/or process heaters can use the EPA’s regulatory navigation tool to answer a series of simple successive questions to determine rule applicability.  

Additional industrial, commercial and institutional boilers and/or process heaters applicability and compliance resources – 

  • Instructions and videos on how to register and submit electronic notifications 

  • Videos, including energy assessment, tune-up and reporting/recordkeeping requirements  

  • Boiler NSPS for new steam-generating units 

  • Combustion portal provides boiler compliance and pollution prevention information, plus combustion emission calculators. This resource is supported by the National Compliance Assistance Centers. 

State resources