2023 Annual Training

2023 Annual Training Back to the Future

Nearly 60 SBEAP and regulatory specialists attended the 2023 Annual Training in Lake Tahoe. The Nevada team and planning committee did a great job hosting excellent content mixed with fun and lots of time for networking. The agenda with linked sessions is posted below.

Speaker bios


Flux Capacitor Exercise
Belinda Breidenbach (ID)

Annual Training Overview
Donovan Grimwood (TN), NSC Chair
Chris Lynch (NV), NSC Vice Chair and Nevada Host

EPA Region 9 Update
Martha Guzman, Regional Administrator, Region 9

Welcome Remarks and an Update from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
Jeffrey Kinder, Deputy Administrator, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

SBO Update
Paula Hoag, US EPA Asbestos and Small Business Ombudsman

Let’s Get to Know The SBEAP
Lee Ann Briggs (PA) and Belinda Breidenbach (ID)

Welcome to Nevada: Providing Environmental Outreach, Education and Assistance Through the Business Development Context
Greg Mosier, Dean, College of Business, University of Nevada, Reno
Chris Lynch, Nevada Business Environmental Program – a program of the College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno

NV Energy: Strategies for Historically Underserved Communities
Marie Steele, Vice President, Integrated Energy Services, NV Energy

Engaging Underserved Communities in Air Quality Monitoring: Developing Collaborative Problem-Solving Organizational Ecosystems
The Buen Aire Para Todos Project in East Las Vegas
Lauren Boitel, Executive Director, ImpactNV
Derek Kauneckis, Ph.D., Desert Research Institute

EJ Subcommittee Update
Lisa Ashenbrenner Hunt (WI), moderator

Maxwell Graham (NJ), presenter

EPA EJ Update
CJ Mishima, Environmental Justice Coordinator, EPA Region 9


OAQPS Update
Rhonda Wright, US EPA Office of Air Planning and Standards

Using ECHO Notify
Donovan Grimwood (TN)

Permit Wizard: An Overview of Ohio EPA’s Newly Updated Online Permitting and Compliance Tool
Emilie Eskridge (OH)

RTR: Risk and Technology Review Updates
Brian Shrager, Policy and Strategies Group at EPA OAQPS in Research Triangle Park, NC

Approaches to Address a New Industry Sector and/or Compliance Topic
Jeremy Hancher (PA)

It Takes a Team to Complete a Permitting Scheme: A Look at the Oklahoma Way of Helping Businesses Succeed in Today’s Challenging Permitting Environment
Angela Hughes (OK)

Relationships and Promotion: Outside, In Your Agency, and in the National SBEAP
A three-part session on promotion for SBEAPs covering external promotion and relationship building, promotion within your state environmental agency, and questions about the future of promotion for SBEAPs and the role of the subcommittee, featuring small and large group discussion.

Panelists: Dan Sowry (OH), Eleanor Divver (UT), Jennifer Feyerherm (WI)
Facilitators: Allison Crowther (KS), Crystal Warren (TN)

How Small Businesses Can Do Business with US EPA: Contracting Opportunities
Rede Shifferaw, EPA Region 9 Small Business Liaison


Mr. Fusion Exercise
Belinda Breidenbach (ID)

Back to the Future with NATIONALSBEAP.ORG
Take a step back in time and provide input for future resources during this interactive session featuring three speakers.
Website session poll results
Eleanor Divver (UT), Allison Crowther (KS), Nancy Larson (KS)

Breakfast of Champions: P2 And Sector Engagement
Using P2 to Engage Industry and Build Staff Leadership Skills
Robert Brown, LA Sanitation

Air Quality Challenges When Wildfire Smoke Comes to Town
Danilo Dragoni, Bureau Chief, Air Quality Planning, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

Introduction and Highlights on US EPA Rulemakings of Small Business Interest
David Rostker, U.S. Small Business Administration

Protecting a National Treasure: 50 Years of Collaborative Restoration in the Lake Tahoe Region
Julie Regan, Executive Director, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

SBEAP Committee Updates
Rotate to individual committee tables to learn more.

Strategic Planning Session
Donovan Grimwood (TN), NSC Chair

Training Wrap Up
2024 Training Preview
Tennessee Here We Come!           

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